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India has the highest population of vegetarians so you're off to a great meat-free start. A lot of Indian dishes are already vegan like lentil dahl, masala dosa and aloo puri. Just watch out for creams and ghee.

Some of the top vegan areas to visit are:

  • Gujura
  • Mumbai
  • Bengaluru

New Zealand

Amazing fresh produce and lots of vegan and plant-based cafes and restaurants, you won't struggle at all. Fun fact: New Zealand avocados contain the highest levels of B6!

Most restaurants and cafes will have meat and dairy alternatives, rather than just having to order without.

Some of the top vegan areas to visit are:

  • Auckland
  • Wellington
  • Queenstown


Thailand has become well known for it's veggie and vegan-friendly cities. A lot of dishes tend to be vegan - just watch out for the stocks and sauces which often contain meat.

Because of the Buddhist religion, the vegan diet is not a new concept and so you'll find it easy to cater meals to your needs.

Some of the top vegan areas to visit are:

  • Chiang Mai
  • Bangkok

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a surprisingly vegan-friendly place to visit. Despite being known for it's 'hearty' meaty meals, like haggis, you'll find an abundance of vegan-friendly restaurants.

There are smoothie bars, vegan-friendly cafes, restaurants and pubs so you won't need to worry about eating out. And of course, they have all the UK supermarkets if you're cooking for yourself.


While it may seem difficult to avoid the cheesy pasta and pizza, a lot the dishes underneath the cheese are vegan. It's also very easy to replace the butter in meals with olive oil. Just check for the egg-based pasta.

Their supermarkets and local stores are also stocking a great selection of vegan cheeses and faux meats, which makes it even easier if you're cooking for yourself.

Some of the top vegan areas to visit are:

  • Turin
  • Rome
  • Tuscany

New York

Of course, New York is on the list. You'll find so many vegan eateries here you'll find yourself struggling to choose. No matter where you are, you'll find something suitable.

Some of the top vegan areas to visit are:

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan


Like New York, London is full to the brim of vegan and plant-based eateries. You'll find plenty of independent and chain restaurants and cafes with so many options. Notably Camden and Shoreditch.


Another surprising city to welcome vegans. Amongst the Bratwurst, there are indeed plenty of vegan options. There are lots of vegan and veggie restaurants and cafes, as well as an abundance of plant-based dishes on most menus.

You'll also find it easy to replace dairy in cafes and coffee shops.


Perhaps a place that seems like it was made for vegans, Portland is a green paradise. Vegan B&Bs, a vegan strip mall, vegan supermarkets and organ, vegan restaurants. You're spoiled for choice and will easily find a vegan option at every point of your visit.


As one of the top destination for yoga and wellness getaways, it's no wonder that Bali is a great place for vegans. You'll find an abundance of fresh fruit, veg and plant-based meals. So many dishes and veg and rice based so you won't have an issue, even if you need to order something without the meat.