Charity support

We want to do more than just share the vegan message and so we are active in our commitment to the cause through our charity support and volunteering.

Daisily came to be from the need to help more people choose and stick to a vegan lifestyle. We want people to choose a vegan lifestyle because of our passion for the welfare of all animals. And when we say passion, we mean an unconditional commitment.

While we believe anyone sharing the vegan message is doing a great thing, we knew we could do more to be active in the cause.

FRIEND farm animal sanctuary

We became patrons of the FRIEND farm animal sanctuary in 2018 and donate a portion of our profits each month. As our profits grow, so does our contribution to the charity. FRIEND are a no-kill sanctuary based in Kent who rehomes rescued farm animals. They provide forever homes supported by volunteers.

The sanctuary was set up after the founder, Marion, bought a disabled lamb at a livestock market and was moved to provide peaceful lives for all of the 200 animals she has rescued since. You can read more about their story here.


In addition to our monthly support, we volunteer as often as we can and are planning to make a more structured, regular commitment to this work.

We don't share graphic images or sad stories of the animals in our content because we aim to be to be the next step once people have shown their interest in going vegan. But that doesn't mean we don't believe in supporting this message. We will continue to provide our support as much as possible and would encourage you to do the same in whatever way you can.

How you can help

Currently, FRIEND are running their winter appeal to gather supplies such as feed and bedding to keep the animals cosy through these next cold months. If you'd like to support, you can contribute to their GoFundMe campaign.

If you have any questions about our work or want to know how you can get involved, please get in touch: hello@daisily.co.uk