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        Tarte has been so popular in the beauty community recently and thanks to Youtube, I want everything. It was the shape tape concealer that started it all. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to find in the UK, but after spending time obsessively trying to get my hands on their cult products, I have a few options to share.

        My first purchase was the shape tape concealer

        I was desperate to find this as my under eye circles are my biggest issue with my skin. It immediately went on eBay and amazon so if you’re not bothered about price, you can buy it for double the cost.

        1. Depop – I’ve found that there’s quite a big beauty community on Depop. A lot of people on there will make big US purchases and take order requests from others. So always look out for these. Warning: There’s a lot of fake makeup on Depop so be wary that people aren’t just ordering fakes from China.

        2. QVC – I’d never bought from QVC before but apparently it’s still a thing. QVC keep stocking in the shape tape concealer but it goes out of stock constantly. If you have the patience then tune into their live feed / t.v show as the deals are much better, but they also stock online. The concealer came with a blending sponge for about £28. This is what I bought and I was incredibly happy. They have it online again now with another sponge for the same price. It’s annoying that you can’t buy it on its own because you end up spending more for a sponge you might not want. However, this still works out as a better deal than ordering from the US.

        My second purchase was the color splash lipstick and tarteist liquid lipstick

        I fell in love with the packaging of the colour splash lipsticks and they just seemed like the perfect everyday lipstick. I wanted to add to my nude collection so I also wanted a wearable liquid lipstick.

        1. Tarte cosmetics online – Tarte often do promotions on international shipping. It’ll either have a ‘completely free’ event or ‘free after X amount spent.’ I took advantage of the ‘completely free’ international shipping event and bought two lipsticks and the cult ‘lights camera lashes’ mascara. I decided to pay customs upon collection, but there’s an option to pay it at check out instead. I did have to pay the VAT plus customs charges on top, which was about £15. I don’t know if my customs charge would have been less if I’d paid at the check out instead, so bare that in mind.

        The order was pretty quick being delivered but ended up being a little pricey.

        2. Sephora – Sephora stock tarte cosmetics and also ship to the UK. They have a fixed rate of £6 (amazing) for orders over £75 (potentially not so amazing). If you have a lot of US products you want, it could be worth saving them up and doing a big purchase on Sephora. But again you’re still liable for the customs charges if it gets caught. I’ve always been caught.

        3. QVC – Good old QVC saves the day again. After my tarte order arrived I decided to see if I could restock my shape tape concealer on QVC as it’s running low. Low and behold they had the newly released colour splash lipsticks! On the video it looks as though they were going for about £9 on the live show. You can get a set of 3 for about £30 on their website. Note: they usually choose their own names for things which is stupid so it takes a little while to figure out the real shade names. They also stock the liquid lipsticks.

        The best way to buy tarte in the uk

        So from my experience, QVC seems to be the cheapest option. It does often mean buying things with extras or in bundles, which will mean you end up spending a little more on stuff you don’t want. However even if it works out at the same price as ordering from the US, you’ve got a few freebies thrown in.

        If you wait for the international shipping promotions on tarte cosmetics then you can get a better deal due to the exchange rates – however, don’t forget about VAT & Customs charges.

        I will continue to re-stock my shape tape on QVC when it’s available but for any larger orders I’ll wait for the free shipping on tarte.

        I hope this helped! I’ll update it if I find any other options.