Top vegan YouTubers you need to watch

Molly Waring-Moore • January 21, 2018

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If you’re starting on your vegan journey and are looking for a little inspiration, or just want to find some more relatable channels, check out these vegan Youtubers.

There are so many inspirational vegan videos out there but this list features channels that only put out vegan content.

They’ve been divided into food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle – although some crossover a few categories.

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Hot For Food’s Fettucine Recipe



BOSH! Have some really hearty recipes and desserts that’ll keep you satisfied. Try their giant sausage roll (its delicious). They’ve also just released a cookbook.

Edgy Veg

If you’re missing your fast food, Edgy Veg has vegan versions of your McDonald’s faves – as well as some healthy recipes! Check out this vegan big mac.

Sweet Potato Soul

Vegan food for the soul. Sweet Potato Soul is run by Jenne who’s a professional vegan chef. She shares amazing recipes that are healthy but satisfying. There’s also a mix of lifestyle content and what I eat in day videos for a little inspiration.

Liv B

Liv B creates simple, easy to follow vegan meals that you don’t need to stress over. She uses simple ingredients that are accessible to most. Her meal plans are a great way to get into a plant based routine.

Cheap Lazy Vegan

The channel name says it all. If you’re look for super realistic meals that you can keep up with, Cheap Lazy Vegan is the channel for you. Cheap but tasty – you can stay vegan on a budget. There’s also a whole playlist dedicated to cheap food prep.

Hot For Food

Taking comfort food up a level, Hot For Food have some great recipes if you’re looking to expand your meals and try something new. Vegan fettuccine alfredo? Yes please!

Caitlin Shoemaker

Caitlin Shoemaker creates lifestyle videos based around vegan health and food that’ll keep you motivated. Focusing on tasty food that’s good for you, you’ll never run out of meal ideas. Here are some high protein, on-the-go breakfast ideas.

Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

Sarah from Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen shows you how to live a balanced, plant based lifestyle with easy, satisfying meals. To start off, check out her 3 healthy vegan dinner ideas.

The Kale Sandwich Show

Mukbangs, tasty treats and a big mac pizza, The Kale Sandwich Show is perfect for those days when you just want something sickeningly delicious. Their Krispy Kreme style doughnuts are not to be missed.

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Kristen Leo’s thrifted lookbook


Rhian HY

Rhian, aka ‘WifeLife,’ is here to show us that veganism can be stylish. Rhian has a whole playlist dedicated to vegan fashion, including designer handbags and ethical buys.

Hannah Hagler

If you watch the top fashion Youtubers, you’ll love Hannah Haggler’s channel. She covers current trends and fashion wish lists that are all vegan – and she’s so glam. Here’s her 5 vegan fashion brands you’ll love.

Karla Acosta

Karla Acosta’s vegan lifestyle channel is full of style inspiration. She features ethical fashion brands, DIYs and thrift styling.

Kristen Leo

Kristen’s channel is so stylish. If you need some outfit inspiration, you can’t go wrong. She features ethical and thrifted fashion so that you can feel good about what you’re wearing. A week in outfits is a great source of inspiration.

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Jasmine Rose’s makeup tutorial


Jasmine Rose

Jasmine Rose creates easy to follow makeup tutorials, skincare routines and haircare advice. She’s also a go-to if you’re looking for vegan tips for natural hair.

Rhian HY

Rhian was listed in the fashion Youtubers category but she also has some great videos on makeup and skincare. Her 2017 skincare favourites is a good place to start if you’re looking to improve your skincare.

Hannah Hagler

Hannah was also mentioned in the fashion Youtubers category but also features makeup favourites, hair tutorials and how to veganise your shower.

Monami Frost

Monami Frost has an edgy style and is a pro at makeup. If you’re looking for some full on glam, check out her full face smokey glam tutorial.

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Madelynn De La Rosa’s summer favourites


Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine Olivia’s channel covers just about everything and refreshingly realistic in the vegan lifestyle. She has advice on minimalism, travel and general wellbeing. Her videos are great to relax with and feel like you’re chatting to a friend.

Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama’s channel is a perfect all-rounder for a relatable vegan lifestyle. It’s aspirational but attainable. There’s DIYs, recipes and open chats about the changes that going vegan can make to your life.

Madelynn De La Rosa

Another Madelynn, Madelynn De La Rosa’s channel is so dreamy. Travel, GRWMs and her inspirational Girl Fridays will provide you with all the uplifting vegan content you need. Everything is thoughtful and beautifully edited.

Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart creates food, fitness, travel and well-being content to help you on your way with a balanced vegan lifestyle. She posts a lot of vlog content, which keeps it real and relatable.


Kalel has a super popular channel which she uses to spread the vegan message. Her content is varied and she shares all aspects of her life from grocery hauls to educating herself on health and humankind.

Cruelty Free Becky

Cruelty Free Becky is someone you love to listen to. She raises awareness on sustainability but incorporates it realistically into her life. If you’re looking to go greener with your vegan lifestyle, check out her content.

Kiera Rose

Kiera Rose features food, wellbeing, tattoos and more. There’s such a variety of fun content that veganism just happens to be a part of. If you’re not looking to hear the vegan message every couple of minutes but just want to know that the ethics are there, this is the channel for you.

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