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Natural vegan teeth whitening

Molly Waring-Moore • November 21, 2017

Vegan teeth whitening

There are a lot of cruelty-free teeth whitening brands now, but if you want something a little more natural we've found just the brand for you.

Once you go vegan, you become more conscious of the ingredients you put into your body. Scanning ingredient lists becomes habitual, which also makes you much more aware of the chemicals and toxins within the products we use.

Our beauty products are no different, as most of what we use finds its way into the body. More intense products like teeth whitening are then a little scarier when you're leaving them in your mouth to bleach.

Vegan teeth whitening

BLVNCO offered to send one of their vegan and cruelty-free teeth whitening kits to try out. They make luxurious, yet affordable, teeth whitening kits that are also natural and vegan. You can often feel like you're missing out on the luxury when you start buying natural products and so this kit feels like a real treat.

When the kit arrived it was in a matte black box, which was so luxurious in itself. In the kit, you get a bamboo toothbrush (with protective cap), the oil pulling sachets, charcoal whitening powder and a silky drawstring pouch to keep it all in.

Vegan Teeth Whitening

Being a completely natural product, we were sceptical about how well it'd work. Knowing that it didn't have those intense bleaching chemicals meant that the results wouldn't be instant right?

After the first use, there was a difference! The second time there was even more of a difference! No one would’ve suddenly suspected professional teeth whitening, but there was a definite difference and feeling of cleanliness.

Vegan teeth whitening

The first product was the charcoal powder and toothbrush. The toothbrush is really well made so it feels super durable – and it’s bamboo so top eco points. You just need one dip into the powder and it’ll turn your entire mouth black. Pro tip: Do this BEFORE applying your makeup as it will still get around your mouth with it closed!

There’s not really a taste to it so it’s really easy to use. It took a little while to fully rinse out but the oil pulling fully cleansed it.

Vegan teeth whitening

The oil pulling was a little strange. It immediately felt like the time when the orthodontist puts that weird putty into your mouth if you've ever had braces. But it soon turned completely liquidy as it swished around.

It makes your mouth feel so clean and your teeth so smooth.

Natural vegan teeth whitening is a great way to go and is something you can keep up regularly without fear of damaging your teeth. It also helps to keep your mouth healthy which will keep your teeth looking great in the long run.

BLVNCO is a great teeth whitening kit to go for if you want to feel all fancy – without a ridiculous price tag (£34.99 for the whole bundle).

Photography: Rhys Herbert

Kit kindly provided by BLVNCO

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