Hourglass Cosmetics going vegan

Molly Waring-Moore • November 23, 2017

Hourglass Cosmetics Vegan

Heard the news? Your luxury makeup kit is about to get even bigger...

Hourglass are a luxurious cruelty-free cosmetics brand with some of the biggest cult beauty products. Most luxury brands still test on animals so you can sometimes feel like you’re missing out if you start the cruelty-free journey.

They already have lots of vegan options and so they're one of our recommended brands for those on the vegan journey who want to keep a little luxury in their life.

If that wasn’t good enough, on the 1st November – world vegan day – they announced that they aim to be 100% vegan by 2020. This means that their products will never contain animal derived ingredients.

"As a #crueltyfree brand, we’re proud to announce our goal is to be 100% #vegan by 2020."

As a luxury brand, making this pledge will help to lead the way for other brands. Doing this begins to shape the market and makes consumers question why other brands aren’t doing the same. They’re raising the bar and also relieving any stress when buying make up. It feels good knowing that you could buy anything from them and feel assured that it’s vegan.

Taking off this pressure means you can actually just shop and try out products – choosing ones that you actually love, not just because they’re the only vegan option.

Hopefully we’ll see more brands making changes to their lines, even if it’s just to keep up with the changing market.

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