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Botanical beauty: Luxury, organic, vegan skincare

Molly Waring-Moore • November 2, 2018

Grownalchemist Vegan Skincare 1

Founded by two Australian brothers, Grown Alchemist only uses organic ingredients to bring out your inner beauty. We tried out the range to share our favourites with you.

Vegan, organic lip balm

This is watermelon and vanilla scented and smells delicious. It has a creamy gel-like texture to it and feels like a good conditioning treatment. It's best to use as more of a treatment, paired with the LUSH lip scrub, as opposed to applying it throughout the day as it’s quite thick. But it definitely softens your lips.

Vegan, organic toner

Whilst this contains rose, it is not strongly scented like other floral products can be. It leaves your skin feeling so silky. It also feels kind to the skin - a great option to avoid those harsh toners.

Vegan, organic cleanser

This has more of a gel consistency but is liquid enough to be poured. This again smells like rose but is not overpowering. It makes your skin feel so refreshed and, again, very silky.

Vegan, organic facial

This surprisingly didn’t leave the skin feeling or looking greasy. While oils are great for the skin, they can sometimes leave you looking a little too dewey. This absorbs into the skin so evenly and makes it so smooth! It also smells amazing. You just need one or two pipettes and it goes a long way.

Vegan, organic moisturiser

The formula is really silky and actually reminded me of a primer. A little goes a long way. This would be a great base for makeup and it absorbed completely without leaving a greasy or shiny layer on the skin.

Grownalchemist Vegan Skincare 3

Vegan, organic exfoliator

Love this. It has a peppermint scent to it, which makes you feel so clean and refreshed! The exfoliator was a gel which is mild enough for it to be used on more sensitive skin. We'd recommend using twice a week.

Vegan, organic body cream

This is a really intensive treatment, but it absorbs so quickly so you don't need to worry about applying it as you're getting ready in the morning.

Grownalchemist Vegan Skincare 2

And again, you can rest assured that your products have not been tested on animals and are organic. They also label some of their products with ‘earth friendly’ materials and so you can make more sustainable choices too.

You can purchase Grown Alchemist products on their own website here.

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