About Daisily

Daisily is your guide to a stylish vegan life without compromise, featuring fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle & travel.

Daisily was founded to bridge the gap between vegan resources and contemporary style. While there is amazing advice out there, it's not always realistic, non-judgemental or ultimately style-conscious.

Daisily aims to inspire vegans and those interested in the lifestyle who feel like they won't be able to fulfil their style desires. If you want a vegan dupe to your favourite cult product, we'll find it. We'll do all of the boring research but leave the thrill of the discovery in one place.

While we promote a healthy, holistic lifestyle, you can expect a realistic approach. Do that smoothie detox, but we'll show you where to pick up those cheap vegan midnight snacks - you know, just in case.

And at the heart of it all, we do it because of animal welfare, and that's why we're proud patrons of FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary, who give forever homes to rescued farm animals.

Contact: molly@daisily.co.uk

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A note from the editor

I wasn't born vegan and I grew up learning about fashion and beauty from the glossy magazines, and eventually online influencers. So when I went vegan, I found myself with a heap of animal tested products and no idea how to recreate the looks I was seeing using vegan products.

I had to do a lot of my own research and found I had a bit of a knack for finding dupes, so I make it my personal mission to 'veganize' anything I come across.

I believe that no one is in favour of animal cruelty, they just don't always know that it could be different and so I want Daisily to be that non-judgemental friend who'll give you the inspiration you need to make those changes. And if that just means switching your beauty products or trying out some new recipes to test the water, I'm here for it.

- Molly W-M