Free Giveaway | Pre Screening for Captain Fantastic!

This is a super exciting post. Show Film First contacted me offering my followers pairs of tickets to attend a pre screening of Captain Fantastic. It's actually a really decent film judging by the trailer! The first 50 people to follow the link below will be able to claim a pair of free tickets. Take your friend, mum, dog, whoever.

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Normal content will resume shortly and I hope you enjoy the film :) 


NYX eyeshadows | MAC dupes | Cruelty free

I mentioned a little while ago that NYX launched a new cosmetics counter in the Nottingham boots and the eyeshadows were probably my most exciting purchase. The colour range is so large and the pigmentation was really surprising. They blend beautifully so I really can't believe they're £2.50. I bought a mix of matte, satin and frosts/shimmers and even the shimmers blend really well. MAC are disappointingly still not cruelty free and so it's amazing to have another brand that have the range and the quality as an alternative - especially as you can buy the single pans to make custom palettes. 

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation REVIEW | Cruelty Free Foundations

If you've read back to my posts on going cruelty free, you've probably seen me bumbling about trying to find new vegan and cruelty free products. I'd literally wiped out my entire makeup collection and all of the cult products I'd known about. So I've gone through quite a lot of cruelty free foundations now as I'm coming closer to finding some new holy grails. This post is just going to be a review of this NARS foundation rather than my top foundation picks 'cause I wanted to go into more depth. I'm considering doing a foundation picks post in the future. So here it is. I didn't bother to clean up the bottle because let's face it, yours looks like that too.

I had originally visited the NARS counter intending to buy the sheer glow after hearing so many people rave about it. However I just decided to swatch this one over my wrist tattoo and loved the coverage of it. This is intended to have a matte finish where as the sheer glow is obviously more luminous. At the moment I'm loving really dewy makeup looks but I thought that as my skin can be a bit oily when I'm wearing lots of makeup, I didn't want something that'd just make it worse. I found that wearing this matte foundation actually created a really nice balance as once it had been worn for about 20 minutes or so it gave just enough radiance without looking greasy.

Another thing to note is that it doesn't look cakey at all. I thought that something of higher coverage with a matte finish would just look so thick but it blends beautifully. It is a very very light weight foundation which shocks me the most. When I was squirting it out I thought I'd some how been ripped off with a bad batch just questioning how this could ever be full coverage. But it is! I have been applying it with a beauty blender and it covers up skin pigmentation and any blemishes and dark circles.

My face doesn't feel like it's covered in paint like I have found with my old MAC foundations and it doesn't smell either. It lasts so long too! It will last me all day without using a setting spray and the swatch on my arm had lasted all night and through the next day (because I was gross and didn't wash it off properly). I am so pleasantly surprised by this foundation as I just hadn't heard much hype about it.

The 30ml bottle cost me £32 and my shade was Gobi. I recommend getting colour matched though if you have a counter near you. It is pricey but so worth it. So if you're willing to spend a little more on your foundation then definitely give it a go. Better yet get a SpaceNK indulgence card and build up some points with it!

NYX Cosmetics Nottingham | NYX Haul | Cruelty free

I am so excited to be posting about this. I had found NYX products ageeees ago in a discount beauty store and bought a few lipsticks and eyeshadows but didn't really know much about the brand at all. Now NYX has become a cult brand - especially for cruelty free products. The counter in the Nottingham Boots is so much more than I could've dreamed of. It's so big with an amazing selection! I'd already bought the Lingerie liquid lipsticks so I thought I'd try out a few different products to try and explore the range. I bought a few brushes, some eyeshadow pans, a blush and some contour pans. And omg I was so excited I did a talk through haul to my boyfriend, who didn't give two sh*ts, when I got home. Anyway I'll be doing some more in-depth reviews of the products but I can't believe the quality for the prices. They've seriously upped their game and Nottingham so getting so much better for shopping - especially beauty. I'd recommend picking up the eyeshadow pans as they're only £2.50 and the range is amazing. They're so lovely and pigmented and I can't wait to pop them into my Z palette.

I'd also been lusting over the Kevyn Aucoin ombre blush and then I saw NYX had one in 4 different colours so this could be a great dupe alert too!

So if you're in Notts then head down to the counter and if you're not then pray a counter comes to you soon and order online until it does cause you won't be disappointed.


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